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Archived Documents

Fish Passage Status and the State Highway System (April 2018)

2017 State of the Salmonids (Caltrout)

Prior Year Annual Reports to the Legislature: 20172016

Caltrans Field Guides

The following field guides can be viewed and downloaded as either .pdf documents or image (.png) documents. You may view the entire gallery of field guides below.

FISH: Desert pupfish (.pdf) (.png)

INSECTS: Quino checkerspot butterfly (.pdf) (.png)

REPTILES: Flat-tailed horned lizard (.pdf) (.png) | Rattlesnakes (.pdf), Photo of page 1 (.png), Photo of page 2 (.png)

AMPHIBIANS: Southwestern Arroyo Toad (.pdf) (.png)

MAMMALS: Bats and Bridges (.pdf) (.png)

BIRDS: Burrowing owls (.pdf) (.png)

HABITATS: Coastal sage scrub (.pdf) (.png) | Vernal pool (.pdf) (.png) | Wetlands (.pdf) (.png)

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