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The  Fish Passage Advisory Committee Leadership Action Team consists of:


FLAT Team Leads:
Melinda Molnar (Caltrans), Jim Walth (Caltrans) and Rob Stanley (CDFW - backup).

  • Jennifer Gillies, Caltrans Chief, Office of Biological Studies

  • Derek Acomb, CDFW Fisheries Environmental Scientist

  • Chris Caputo, Caltrans Chief of Cultural and Resource Studies; Stefan Galvez (Caltrans) backup

  • Rosi Dagit, Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains; Mo Gomez (South Coast Habitat Restoration) backup

  • Brad Henderson, CDFW Environmental Scientist; Richard Lis (CDFW) backup

  • Jim Henke, Caltrans D10 Acting Environmental Office Chief

  • Jeffrey Jahn, NOAA Fisheries, West Coast Region, California Coastal Office - Northern California, South Coast Branch Chief

  • Theresa Stevens, US Army Corps of Engineers, Senior Project Manager

  • Wes Stroud, Caltrans Office Chief, North Region Office of Environmental; Brenden Barney (Caltrans) backup


​Their mission is to address complex challenges that FishPAC’s encounter related to fish passage barrier remediation, foster innovative engineering solutions, and incorporate sound science and data into FishPAC decisions. In addition, they will assist in planning FishPAC meetings, assessing the status of FishPACs to provide support as needed, track progress made and challenges to advancing fish passage barrier remediation, and make recommendations as well as participate in the implementation of strategies that advance the goals of the FishPACs. 

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