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The Passage Assessment Database (PAD)


The Passage Assessment Database (PAD) is an ongoing map-based inventory of known and potential barriers to anadromous fish in California. PAD compiles data from more than one hundred agencies, organizations and landowners throughout California, and allows past and future barrier assessments to be standardized and stored at one place. The Passage Assessment Database (PAD) Map Viewer gives the user the ability to view maps that reflect statewide aggregated PAD data, and allows to analyze the passage barriers in relation to each other, in the context of a watershed. The PAD is supported by California Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, Caltrans, and the California Fish Passage Forum.

 If you have questions about the PAD, you can contact Anne Elston via email at

The PSMFC-Caltrans Partnership

PSMFC collaborates with Caltrans and the FishPAC to translate PAD data into easily consumed and improved information for Caltrans and the FishPACs to then make informed decisions about barrier remediation efforts. 

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