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Regulations & Permits



FishPACs help to advance the desired outcomes of Senate Bill 587, which was approved by the California Governor in 2005.


The bill:

  • Acknowledges the existence of fish passage barriers on the State Highway System;

  • Ensures that progress in locating, assessing, and remediating barriers to fish passage is documented annually and that all assessments, required prior to project design, are incorporated into the Passage Assessment Database; and

  • Ensures that all new projects facilitate, versus impede, fish passage.



Activities related to biological permits and agreements

  • Work within or adjacent to a waterway (wet or dry)

    • Dewatering operations

    • Species relocation

    • Water Quality Best Management Practices (BMPs)

    • Seasonal work windows

  • Work within or adjacent to critical habitat of an endangered species or species of special concern

    • Endangered Species Act (ESA) fencing

    • Noise reduction

    • Project or daytime work windows

    • Migratory bird exclusion netting

Working with Environmentally Sensitive Habitats


Projects with sensitive habitats require permits from agencies, including:

  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife

    • Lake and Streambed Alteration

    • State Endangered Species Act

  • US Fish and Wildlife Service

    • Federal Endangered Species Act

  • National Marine Fisheries Service

    • Federal Endangered Species Act

  • US Army Corps of Engineers

    • Wetlands and Waters of the United States

  • California Water Quality Control Board

    • Wetlands and Waters of the State

  • California Coastal Commission

    • Coastal Development Permit to include all coastal resources, e.g., species, habitat, community, aesthetics, etc.

Links to Agency Permitting Programs


California Department of Fish and Wildlife: Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Act

California Water Boards: Small Habitat Restoration Program (SHRP) General Order

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