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Project Delivery
Guidance for Successful Fish and Wildlife Connectivity Projects

Successful fish and wildlife connectivity projects require adequate planning and continuous staff support to achieve desired goals. The six steps in the process include:

  • Using science and data to prioritize barrier locations with the greatest biological value.

  • Selecting the proper long-term engineering solution

  • Obtaining adequate funding to permit, construct, and monitor the site post-construction.

  • Ensuring appropriate permits are acquired to construct the project.

  • Constructing the project.

  • Post project monitoring to evaluate the success of the project.

Caltrans Fish Passage Project Delivery Process

The Caltrans Fish Passage Project Delivery Process Fact Sheet provides an overview of the planning and project delivery process to identify deliverables, responsible divisions, phases of delivery, and coordination associated with the delivery process of Caltrans' fish passage remediation projects. 


The delivery process occurs in six phases:

I. Long-range Planning (pre-K phase)

II. Project Initiation (Phase K)

III. Project Approval and Environmental Document (Phase 0)

IV. Plans Specifications and Estimate (Phase 1)

V. Right-of-way (Phase 2)

VI. Construction (Phase 3)

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