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The Fish Passage Advisory Committee (FishPAC) is a joint effort between the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and other interested advocates of fish passage efforts.


The purpose of the FishPACs is to cooperatively share science and data related to known fish barriers, and develop methods to prioritize locations for assessments and biological priorities for remediating. The FishPACs track the status of active and funded fish passage barriers until they are remediated, track post-construction fish passage effectiveness, identify and prioritize barriers to fish passage, and support the implementation of meaningful, long-term solutions for fish passage projects within each FishPAC geographic area. FishPACs recommend technical solutions, explore options for accelerated delivery of projects, and identify potential funding mechanisms for both new barrier removal projects and the long-term maintenance of existing fish passage facilities. Stream simulation designs and full-span fish solutions consider and incorporate benefits for both terrestrial and wildlife species and can also help to address stormwater issues.

The FishPACs help to advance the desired outcomes of SB857, which acknowledge the existence of fish passage barriers associated with the State Highway System, promote collaborative interjurisdictional solutions, and ensure that barriers are assessed and documented prior to project design.

Remediating fish passage barriers is key to enhancing connectivity in California's watersheds. Providing access to upstream habitats will help ensure fish populations can respond and adapt to climate change stressors, such as drought, wildfire, sea level rise, changes in stream flow, and water temperature. The network of 180 fish passage experts, advocates, and partners throughout the range of salmon and steelhead are working collaboratively to address legacy transportation barriers with long-term solutions that facilitate fish passage and climate resilience.

Annual Report to the Legislature
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CDFW Region 6, Caltrans Districts 8 & 9 – no anadromy.

FishPAC’s are comprised of other fish passage partners from agencies & non-profits such as: US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, California Conservation Corps, Coastal Conservancy, Tribal Fisheries Experts, Trout Unlimited, California Trout, 5-Counties, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, and others.

Fish Passage Status and the State Highway System (April 2018)

2017 State of the Salmonids (Caltrout)

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