Past Trainings/Training on Demand

Bridges & Biology Workshop

February 21-22, 2018, Sacramento, CA

This workshop was a partnership between Caltrans Structures Engineering and the Division of Environmental Analysis Office of Biological Studies, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service. The workshop provided a shared understanding of process and requirements of bridge planning, foundations investigation, and structures design, as well as biological and habitat resources coordination, investigations, impact analysis, permitting and implementation of avoidance, minimization measures and post-project monitoring.

The agenda for the Bridges & Biology Workshop can be accessed here.

Recorded Webinars

Bolinas Lagoon Watershed (V. Pearson, Marin County, and J. Pearson, Lotic Environmental Services)


Design and analysis of channel restoration features in confined urban rivers (N Holste, US BOR)

Using eDNA Detection as a Survey Tool for the Endangered Tidewater Goby (A. Kinziger)

Recorded Presentations

Click here for a document on free software available for transportation and fish passage design.

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