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The California Fish Passage Advisory Committee consists of six major areas throughout the state, which is comprised of 10 Caltrans districts.  Caltrans districts 8 and 9 are not included, since they have no anadromy.



FishPAC Advisory Committee Table_redesigned_no header_orig colors.jpg

FishPAC’s are comprised of fish passage partners from agencies and non-profits, including:

  • 5-Counties Salmonid Conservation Program

  • California Conservation Corps

  • California State Coastal Conservancy

  • California Trout

  • Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

  • Tribal Fisheries Experts

  • Trout Unlimited

  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

  • U.S. Forest Service

  • Other Organizations



Melinda Molnar

Fish and Wildlife Program Manager, Caltrans

Jim Walth

Senior Fish Biologist, Caltrans

Zack Larson

Senior Fish Biologist, Caltrans


Shawna Pampinella
Chief Office of Biological Studies, Caltrans

Derek Acomb
Senior Environmental Scientist (Fisheries), CDFW

Rosi Dagit
Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains

Caitlin De La Torre

Environmental Compliance and Stewardship, Caltrans District 4

Brad Henderson

Cutting the Green Tape Environmental Program Manager, CDFW

​Jim Henke

Office Chief of Biology, Caltrans District 10

Jeffrey Jahn

Branch Chief, California Coastal Office — Northern California, South Coast, NOAA Fisheries

Rick Macala
Senior Hydraulic Engineer, CDFW

Wes Stroud

Office Chief North Region Environmental, Caltrans District 2


The Leadership Team mission is to support fish passage remediation by addressing complex challenges that FishPACs encounter, supporting effective and innovative engineering solutions, and advocating for FishPAC decisions using sound science and data. In addition, they provide support as other needs are identified, identify challenges to advancing fish passage barrier remediation, make recommendations and participate in the implementation of strategies that advance the goals of the FishPACs. 

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